Laurel County African American Heritage Center Inc.


Appalachian Food Summit December 20

*NEWS* We are pleased to announce the 2022 recipients of our 2 new fellowship programs! In this inaugural year, AFS is awarding 3 Appalachian Foodways Practitioner Fellowships and 1 Mountain Foodways Media Fellowship to outstanding foodways practitioners and media makers in the region. The new Appalachian Foodways Practitioner Fellowships are intended to honor, celebrate,

and support foodways tradition bearers and practitioners in Central Appalachia who have made significant and long-term contributions to sustaining and supporting the foodways heritage of their respective communities. The 2022 Appalachian Foodways Practitioner Fellows are: ● Yawah Awolowo of Knoxville, TN, a culinary artist, community activist, and vegetarian/vegan chef ● Travis and Rebecka Fugate of Emmalena, KY, the owners and operators of Good For Your Heart Farms in Eastern Kentucky and passionate foodways practitioners. ● Wayne Riley of London, KY, the founder and director of Kentucky’s Laurel County African American Heritage Center Inc., an organization committed to conserving the traditions and legacy of the local African American community A monetary award of $4,000 will support the ongoing community-based work of the awardees. The fellows will be honored at an upcoming Appalachian Food Summit event. For more information on the practitioner fellows visit: The new Mountain Foodways Media Fellowships support the work of journalists, writers, and media producers with roots in and respect for Appalachia to report a longform journalistic article or media project that explores some aspect of food culture or production in the region. The 2022 Mountain Foodways Media Fellow is Marlyn McClendon of Hillsboro, WV, for the photo documentary Shiku, which will explore how Korean women who relocate to West Virginia––often after marrying U.S. military servicemen––find community, alleviate cultural isolation, and maintain ancestral connections through time-honored culinary traditions. A monetary award of $2,000 will support the fellow’s work. For more information on the media fellow visit: The Appalachian Foodways Practitioner Fellowships are made possible by Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation's Central Appalachia Living Traditions program and the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky. The Mountain Foodways Media Fellowships are made possible by the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky. For more information on the Appalachian Food Summit’s fellowship program, visit:

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Heritage Farmer's Market

On Thursday 12/16/21, we set out to Mayfield in Western Ky with a load of donated goods for the tornado victims. Along the way we stopped in Glasgow and dropped off a few things to Jackie Marie & Ophelia Riley for victims in the Bowling Green area. Once arriving in Mayfield, All the places, we were sent to were full of donations. So, our trip landed us in the small town Of Dresden TN was hit just as equally hard. These folks were so pleased to receive the items that were donated. Thank You to all that donated.

On 12/19/21, we made our way to Madisonville Ky to drop off all the gifts we collected through our Tornado Challenge. They as well were beyond pleased to receive the items y’all donated. Thank You London, Laurel County KY, family, friends & Jackson County, KY Thank you, Jason Frazier, Dwayne Riley, Wayne Riley, Salena Henson Riley, Courtney Walters, Patience Robinson & Wade Gause. For picking things up, loading thing, and making the trip to deliver all these items. We are continuing to gather items for at least one more trip. So please if you haven’t and still want to donate. Get your items to us as quickly as you can we will let ya know once we get our next trip scheduled. It may possibly be our last.

Courtney Walters, Patience Robinson, Ophelia Riley, Jackie Marie, Wayne Riley

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LCAAHC was proud to participate in the 2021 World Chicken Festival in London, Ky. Our crew helped fry chicken in the worlds largest stainless steel skillet. Our crew fried chicken for

3 days during the festival.

What is The World Chicken Festival? It is a tribute to Colonel Harland Sanders founder of the world famous Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise which is well known around the world. His first restaurant and original one was built in southern Laurel County in the 1940's. The festival was established in 1990.

Fun Facts of Worlds Largest Stain Steel Skillet:

Size: 10Ft in diameter: 8 inches deep: 8 foot handle: weighs 700 pounds

Construction: 11 gauge hot rolled stainless steel: divided into 4 cooking sections.

Capacity; Requires 300 gallons of cooking oil. Can cook 600 quarters of chicken at one time.

Fuel: 60 gallons of natural gas ( more than an average family would use in a year).

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